Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Impresions of the Conference so Far...

I must say that I am quite satisfied with the Agile 2008 conference so far. I was lucky enough to have picked some interesting topics with very good presenters. I also had the mischance of selecting topics which had a seemingly good title and abstract description but I ended up ditching the presentation about 20 minutes in because I didn't feel the content would be very relevant to my personal goals of being at this conference.

I would like congratulate the organizers for the smoothness of how things are going however I have the following two "complaints/suggestions" I would like to make for next year's conference.
  1. There are way too many good topics to choose from. Multiple topics provide a very broad coverage of many subjects however, being only two delegates from my organization, I am sure we have missed out on some VERY interesting topics and presenters altogether.
  2. In relation to point 1 is the missing presentation material from the conference CD. I understand that having all the presenters submit their material beforehand can come with its load of logistical problems but I find that many good talks which I would've liked to attend are missing from the CD.
I'm the organizers will provide us with some way to access the missing presentations because I would like to read up on some of the presentations I couldn't attend.

Tomorrow is day 4 of the conference and will be by far the busiest day with four sessions and the banquet keynote speech. I'll be posting some more info tomorrow morning because agile conference reporter is exhausted.

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