Monday, August 4, 2008

Research vs. Practice

As I have mentionned previously, here are the details of the today's presentations of the "research in progress" block. The sessions were presented in a 10-10-10 minutes format. Each researcher had ten minutes to present their partial paper. Tables had to nominate a chairman, a scribe and discuss the topic at hand for 10 minutes. Finally, the final ten minutes was used to provide feedback and critique to the presenters.

My overall impressions... Some presenters had interesting topics but nothing really useful could be applied directly in the "field" for everyday business problems. Topics which had potential were:
  • Value-Driven Agile Adoption - Ahmed Sidky
  • Beyond the Comfort Zone of Scrum - Vladimir
  • A Theoretical Leg to Stand On: Lesson Learned Using Grounded Theory Study Agile Software Development - Steve Adolph
Although, the last one on the list was a little to esotheric for my liking, he had to be one of the best presenters in the bunch. I'm taking the time to point this out, but alot of the presenters could benefit from basic presentation skills such as simplifying the slides, summarizing content and not putting unreadable graphics on their slides.

Overall, the day was smooth and I'm looking forward to tomorrow's presentations. I came here to get some actual techniques and to learn new things from others' experiences with agile methologies. More to come tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Talking of presentations, the best one I've seen so far was by Hugh McGuire of at BarCampMontreal3 last year. Each slide consisted of no more than a single word or sentence in black monospace font on a white background. The slides merely served as cues, pointing the discussion in the right direction.

Anonymous said...

I found the presentations very interesting. It was good to see the variety of research being done on Agile methods globally.

The time frame was perhaps not enough to do full justice to the content of the research.

I believe the last presenter was a lady, if that's who you meant?